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Industry Verticals

Our substantial understanding of the domain coupled with our passion to provide a premium services has enabled us to sought solutions for vast array of industries. With time, we have achieved better results by leveraging our capabilities and providing solutions to the most complex demands. Our creativity lies with identifying the right kinds of people, models and practices to leverage an organization business.

At present, we are offering specialized solutions to almost more than 18 industry sectors:

bullet Automobile
bulletAviation & Aerospace
bulletBanking & Insurance
bulletBPO & KPO
bulletConsumer & Services
bulletMedia & Advertising
bulletInformation Technology
bulletPower & Energy
bulletMining & Metals
bulletLife Sciences & Healthcare
bulletManufacturing & Processes
bulletFinancial Services & Consulting

Recruitment Process

At GlobalHunt we have designed a pragmatic framework that is result oriented and caters to the most complex demands of our client. Through extensive use of technology we are evolving the workforce dynamics to provide cutting-edge consulting solutions. Our scope of work involves the following methodology:


The planning phase for us means understanding the client requirements and the utility of such requirements to strengthen our search. On the basis, of the requirements we further work to plan a strategy that would follow to serve the needs. Our work plan strategy is based on the possible challenges, the mechanism to counter such challenges, the ongoing trends in the market, competency levels available, parameters required for the position etc. With the blueprint present we initiate our work on the R&D.


In our R&D phase we put our efforts to search for the right competency levels on the parameters of skill, experience, stability and performance. By ranking the candidatures on these parameters we select and share the quality candidatures with our clients.

Preliminary Screening & Interview

With the selection of candidatures we are engaged in preliminary screening where we assess them on Key Result Areas (KRA’s), Compensation Package, Job Title, Job Location and other details. Our team of consultants personally conducts their interviews to assess the candidate competency.


With the preliminary screening and interview, we valid the candidate through discreet reference check

Client Interview

After the initial screening and validation we refer the candidate for the client interview where the client can directly assess the capability and potential of the candidate.

Formal Reference Check

With the positive feedback from the client, we make a formal reference check about the candidate regarding his work ethics, performance, behavior and other basic details.


The last phase of the process is the negotiation and the handholding phase where we negotiate for the salary package, joining date and offer letter. Also, we continue to maintain our relationship with both our client and selected candidate to ensure smooth integration of the candidate in the organization.

Reasons To Choose Us

Now, the competition is getting tougher with every passing day. And with the help of experts, it is going to be easier for you to find the best candidates, in town. Now, among so many other com panies, helping you out with offshore recruitment services, what are the reasons to choose us? Well, for that, you might have to check on the best packages of all time. There are loads of interesting services available, from our side.

bullet We always ensure to provide you with the best workers of all times. So, he candidates from our side are apt for your business venture.
bulletOur team is always available over here to offer help with emergency recruitment purposes. There are times, when you have to get employees on an immediate basis. And we are happy to help.
bulletOur main aim is to support our clients in the future and current business challenges, by offering the best help from recruited candidates. We are quite happy for best approaches.
bulletWith the help of our team, you will enjoy a proper working balance. Whether a startup firm or a larger enterprise, we are always going to offer you with the best candidates, always.
bulletWe are here to bridge the gap between aspiring candidates and employers, looking for finest helpers for running their businesses. And we provide the best candidates, in town.

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