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Law Office Management made easy with Minanshika Solutions

We manage your routine and daily law office management functions:
1. Taking care of daily filing activities - opening, closing, storing and retrieving client files
2. Preparing correspondence
3. Drafting documents, mails, and enclosures

We help you with drafting various agreements and contracts:

bullet Lease Agreements
bullet Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA)
bullet Licensing Agreements
bullet Material Transfer Agreements
bullet Research Agreements
bullet Service Agreements
bullet Collaboration Agreements
bullet Employee Contracts
bullet Electronic Contracts
bullet Industry-specific Contracts

Increase your productivity with Minanshika Solutions

The legal process outsourcing team at Minanshika Solutions knows how to get the job done. We are proficient at handling various law office management functions. In addition:

bullet Prompt service at cost-friendly rates sets us apart from other legal process outsourcing providers
bullet A high degree of security ensures that your legal data remains safe with us
bullet Our process-driven approach ensures customer satisfaction
bullet Our expertise in handling case management processes helps you manage your files efficiently
bullet Our customized services ensure that the specific needs of your law firm are met
bullet Regular updates on the various tasks that have been outsourced to us enables you to track our progress
bullet Our services are compatible with the best practices of the Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) industry


At Minanshika Solutions, we believe that legal drafting, analysis, and documentation are integral parts of any law firm's daily work, which, while unimportant in the larger scheme of things, still require an exceptional amount of time and resources. Therefore, our legal documentation and legal drafting services are provided by an expert legal team made up of qualified lawyers who are skilled at handling any type of legal analysis, legal drafting, or legal documentation. By ably functioning as your one-stop-shop for all your backend legal drafting and documentation requirements, we ensure you can focus on your exhaustive lawsuits and other legal activities with ease.

Our Legal Drafting and Documentation Services

We at MINANSHIKS offer world-class legal drafting, analysis, and law office documentation services to our clients across the globe. Whether your domain lies in corporate, bankruptcy, civil rights, criminal law, etc. we can take care of drafting complaints, motions, finding inaccuracies in documentation, proofreading, etc. within a short turnaround time. Our services include –

1. Legal Drafting Services

Outsourcing legal documentation services and legal drafting often require considerable attention to detail as well as a skilled team of individuals who can help draft a variety of legal documents. Whether your requirement includes legal writing, legal analysis, legal research, our expert team can take care of all your requirements within your budget. We ensure that all legal documents provided by you are checked for inaccuracies and drafted as per your specifications. Outsourcing legal drafting services to MINANSHIKS ensures our team can help with the expert drafting and handling of -

Summary of Judgement Motions
bulletLegal Depositions
bulletInterrogatory Answers
bulletReports and Affidavits
bulletDrafting of Motions
bulletDrafting for Insurance firms
bulletWill Drafting
bulletTrust Package Drafting
bulletComplaint Drafting for Illegal Occupation

2. Legal Document Preparation and Management

Legal document preparation is a major challenge for small to medium sized law organizations. Legal documents are extremely vital operational, financial, and strategic assets that are essential to the running of your day-to-day business processes. Our legal document services help you to reduce extra workload, increase productivity, and manage documentation risk while cutting down costs. Our efficient handling of your documentation assets is extremely user-friendly and highly secure in nature, and our adherence to industry best practices ensures all your documents are prepared before time while ensuring 100% accuracy and compliance. Our services include -

bullet Document preparation for entire court procedures
bullet E-filing of court documents prepared as per your instructions
bullet Follow-up assistance
bullet Emergency hearing documentation services
bullet Fax filing services

3. Legal Analysis Services

At Minanshika, we specialize in the assessment of complex legal documents and their thorough analysis. Our services help our clients to identify the legal context quickly and efficiently in different legal spheres. We also offer independent legal analysis for national, international, and regional laws across a variety of legal policy areas.

Our expert team can also review incoming legislative acts to understand the scope of the changes proposed and provide you valuable feedback on time. Our analysis lends your reports accuracy and legitimacy, while ensuring all the statutes and codes are covered and differentiated so that you can form your own legal opinion.

4. Legal Coding and Indexing Services

Our coding and indexing services can help you reduce hours of stress by cataloging your existing legal documents so that they are electronically filed and can be retrieved, arranged, prioritized, and reviewed easily. We use time-tested frameworks and coding protocols which are backed by multiple quality control levels in order to ensure better compliance and reliability.

We also undertake project-specific documentation coding in accordance with your personal requirements and ensure a highly experienced team consisting of individuals trained in the field of legal coding is assigned to your project. Our services include -

bulletlegal Data Capture
bulletOptical Character Recognition for Legal Documents
bulletFinding Physical or Logical Document Breaks
bulletIn-text Coding
bulletBibliographic Coding

Apart from the above, we also offer an exhaustive list of services to suit your niche requirements, such as -

bulletDrafting legal pleadings, discovery documents and other litigation documents
bulletPreparing discovery documents and pleadings for the review of trial attorneys
bulletAnalyzing, organizing legal information and maintaining files
bulletDrafting complaints and summons
bulletDrafting and analysis of business documents
bulletDrafting responsive pleadings and answers
bulletDrafting correspondences
bulletPerforming legal, non-legal and medical research
bulletPerforming investigations
bulletDeveloping a computerized information retrieval system
bulletProviding second opinions
bulletEditing pre-drafted agreements bulletProofreading agreements drafted by other parties

Advantages of Outsourcing Legal Drafting and Documentation Services to Minanshika

At Minanshika, we have worked with some of the world's top law firms to help them reduce their workload while ensuring all their documentation and drafting needs are taken care of. Some of the many reasons why you should outsource legal analysis services to us include -

bulletExperienced team of lawyers with at least 5 years of relevant experience and the correct set of analytical skills
bulletWe are well-versed in the jurisdiction laws spanning both US and UK, and have a separate team of individuals only for international law
bulletLegal drafting rules often change overtime, and our lawyers ensure they are always up-to-date with the latest regulations
bulletReduced errors and extreme attention to detail are our hallmarks
bulletHigh-quality infrastructure which ensures 100% security and privacy of your confidential data
bulletOver time, we have managed to build a substantial legal library and legal resource database for our lawyers to fall back on
bulletCompetitive prices which suit your requirements
bulletWith our help, you can minimize errors and ensure that all your documentation is in line with your requirements
bulletSave on costs associated to hiring and training of individuals
bulletExtreme flexibility ensures you can easily ramp up or ramp down a project, or secure our services only on a seasonal basis
bulletOur legal document analysis and review services are offered on a 24x7 basis and are always delivered ahead of schedule.

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