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Our customer service support includes -

1.Technical Support

Minanshika Solutions can provide cohesive customer technical that takes care of evolving technology and increasing cost of operations in a 24/7 environment. If call center technical support is handled by fairly experienced staff, it can pinch your wallet but not with us. We have a high-end remote network and adept team of call center technical experts to handle information in a safe and economized manner. Our versatile customer service support technology-empowerment, network support, service integration, and much more.

2.Remote IT Support

In a connected business environment, the technical glitch can occur unanticipated but hiring a full-time IT staff can be expensive. This is where outsourcing remote IT customer support services can make sense to your business. We can deal with any disruptions that occur within your computer hardware, software, or the network. We can provide full-fledged corporate remote helpdesk to troubleshoot any IT issue that is detrimental to your business performance.

3.Toll-free Customer Support

We can help your customers reach you more conveniently using the toll-free customer support number. This way, the call charges need not be borne by the caller. This will not only increase customer interactions but will also entice customers to reach you through a preferred channel. Our toll-free customer support will provide an excellent recall value for your business apart from enhancing your local and international reach.

4.Email Support

Email is the bread and butter of customer relationships and it can transpire into tangible benefits for both businesses and customers alike. Our email support is the answer to all non-voice needs of call centers. If you receive a bulk of emails from customers have and no means to promptly respond with individualized messages, we have just the solution you need. When you outsource customer support services, we can put an end to your concerns by responding to emails on your behalf. This will help you channel your efforts on other key areas while enjoying customer loyalty.

5.Live Chat Support

Outsourcing customer chat support services can let you focus on other areas of business where your attention is an utmost necessity. MINANSHIKA' chat support can elevate your sales chart and enhance ROI. Additionally, it also minimizes your operational expenses to convert potential customers. We can maintain detailed chat transcripts that will help you make sound marketing decisions.

6.Social Media Customer Support

We will help you listen to what your customers have to say on social media. Our social media customer support will capture and consolidate conversations from all digital channels. Therefore, enabling you to provide a personalized service experience to patrons in the social media circles. We strongly believe that the dawn of individualized social media response is here to stay to replace the bot-driven engagement. Therefore, leading to greater sales and customer loyalty.

7.Video Chat Customer Support

You can start visual engagement with customers to understand their concerns and provide a relevant solution. Our video chat customer support will add a human touch to the engagement with clients so that it sets a precedent to build strong business relations.

8.Multi-channel Support

We will help your customers find more ways than one to convey their concerns about your business. We will provide a robust way for clients to connect and share their issues by understanding their convenience in using support channels. The highly individualized multi-channel support will make your business capable of handling nearly all challenges without fuss.

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